What are the benefits of partnering with the NBMBAA?

  • Access to diverse talent pool – MBA graduates, MBA candidates and prospective students, Experienced professionals
  • Exhibitor opportunities at various chapter events through the year
  • Increased visibility through advertising and public relations
  • Marketing/branding opportunities for signature events
  • Diversity exposure for your company or educational institution

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people does the chapter reach with e-mail campaigns? How many attend events?

The e-mail distribution list is 1,500+, but our membership is over 400. We average 75 – 100 attendees at most events.

Does the chapter have any connections to graduating students?

Yes, our mentorship program is geared toward high-school students; our scholarships are offered to high-school students and extend through the PhD level.

How do you organize the corporate spotlight event?

A chapter representative will be assigned to your company. The representative will work with your company to understand your specific requirements and will chart the course of action that will yield the desired results.

What is the minimum level a corporation can invest?

Contact corprelations@dfwmbas.org for more information or to discuss investment opportunities.

How long is the investment period?

12 months from time the investment is received, unless otherwise stipulated.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The chapter accepts checks (invoice payment), all major credit cards and in-kind gifts.

What distinguishes you from other organizations?

We are business leaders and run the chapter as a non-profit corporation. When we work with you, we will set goals and measurements for your desired outcome. The local chapter has been run successfully for over 20 years.

If I am only looking for finance professionals, can the chapter get me access to a specific group?

Yes, we support targeted marketing and recruiting requests.

Where do I sign up?

Contact corprelations@dfwmbas.org for more information.