Our Vision

Our vision is to be an organization that leads in the creation of economic and intellectual wealth for African Americans. Our Mission is to increase the number as well as the diversity of successful African Americans in the business community by:

  • Providing innovative programs to stimulate their intellectual and economic
  • Building partnerships with key stakeholders who help facilitate their growth
  • Increasing awareness and facilitating access to graduate management education programs and career opportunities in management fields, and,
  • Developing the pipeline of youth by providing a framework to deploy business practices.

Our Strategy

Leaders Lead

Focus on acquisition, development, participation, and retention of leaders within our ranks. This is the lifeblood of the organization and creates the “pull” for partners and new members.

Win/Win Relationships

As leaders, we must develop valuable relationships with corporate sponsors driven largely by our ability to help them reach their own business goals. This capability, in turn, creates great growth opportunities for our chapter.

Connect the Community

Having the “right people on the bus” with strategic partnerships driving our growth we have great resources to become a prominent player in getting things done in the community. Hands on involvement by engaged leaders is the most effective way to build our brand equity and attract more leaders and build more relationships.

About the NBMBAA

Established in 1970, the National Black MBA Association is dedicated to creating partnerships that result in creating intellectual and economic wealth in the black community. The NBMBAA was formed as a professional organization by a group of MBA candidates at the University of Chicago. The Organization was incorporated in the state of New York in 1974 as a non-profit organization. In partnership with over 400 of the country’s top business organizations, the association has inroads into a wide range of industries as well as the public and private sector. Yet all of NBMBAA’s partners have one thing in common–they are all committed to the organization’s goals and values.

Channels of Engagement


Our Objectives

Learning & Growth

  • Develop a culture of inclusion
  • Improve access to Chapter information among volunteers

Value Creating Processes Objectives

  • Deliver targeted and effective programs
  • Improve operations, finance and governance processess
  • Deliver effective marketing and messaging

Financial Objectives

  • Grow partner investment in chapter programs
  • Grow strategic partnerships
  • Maximize funds to invest in our membership and the DFW community

Community Objectives

  • Become the “Organization of Choice” for business community leaders
  • Build win-win relationships with strategic partners
  • Be a positive force by growing economic and intellectual wealth
  • Energize our brand